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Book a guided wine tasting in our rustic courtyard. The authentic local flavors of the restaurant pair perfectly with our wines.
Blanc de Noir

Apus Romeiko

Born Red, Matured to White..Under the Cretan Starry Sky. Romeiko (Greek: Ρωμαίικο or Ρωμέικο) is a red grape variety indigenous to Chania. Pale lemon color and intense aromas of white peach, lemon, pear and white flowers. Delicate taste, medium body and balanced acidity with a long aftertaste.

Dourakis Romeiko

This is a wine unlike anything else. It is immensely aromatic with smells of dried herbs, nuts, and baked fruit. It has an oxidative character reminiscent of stewed persimmons and apple cider. Drink “Diaselos” with traditional Cretan wedding pilaf and boiled lamb, charcuterie, and pork dishes.


Lihnos Vidiano

During the humble beginnings of our family’s winery, our grandfather, Andreas Dourakis, used a traditional Cretan oil lamp called a lihnos to inspect his wine barrels. The barrels were kept in the dark cellar where no light would enter and disturb the wines as they aged. Lihnos Vidiano is a dry white wine with aromas of peach, pear, and vanilla from subtle oak ageing.

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Harvest 2023

Another year has come to an end with the grape harvest and the processing of grapes into wine. It was


O u r W i n e r y

Visit our winery in the magical mountains of Apokoronas. Stroll through our botanical garden filled with Cretan herbs. Learn the winemaking process as you wind through the labyrinth of rooms including the sparkling wine room, barrel room, store room built into the side of the mountain. Taste our delicious wines in our courtyard or indoors by our winemaking and folklore museum. We host cooking classes, art exhibitions, concerts, and precious family moments like weddings and christenings. Plan the event of your dreams at our winery.

Our story begins here in Alikampos. Our father, Andreas Dourakis, always envisioned his own winery in the village where he was born. His odyssey spanned from Germany where he studied winemaking to wineries in northern Greece where he honed his skills. His return home in 1988 marked the birth of Dourakis Winery. Logari, the first wine he produced here at the winery, was the privately bottled wine in Chania. We continue his vision for innovative and authentic wines that reflect our core values and the land around us.


T h e S t o r y B e h i n d O u r W i n e r y