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Andreas Dourakis had a vision – a vision inspired by his childhood memories that one day he could own a winery that would produce multiple varieties of wine, mainly inspired and cultivated by the Cretan land. He was hopeful that after studying wine in Germany and working on several wineries across Greece, the knowledge that he had learned could someday translate this vision into a reality.

In the early 1980s, he started on this winemaking journey – in a small space in the center of Alikampos village. Once production started, he very quickly learned that he would need a much larger space to fully produce his vision. As such, he purchased a piece of land just outside of the village center to begin construction of the winery. He very carefully chose this piece of land for two reasons. First, he felt that it captured the natural beauty of the village Alikampos, with its rocky terrain, and picture-perfect mountain view in the background. Second, it offered the perfect micro-climate and material to build natural cellars into the earth to age and store the wine. Once construction was underway, and he watched as his vision unfolded, he very quickly learned that he had found his new home.

In the spring of 1988, he proudly opened the doors of the new winery, with 3 varietals for his first visitors to taste. Since then, the winery has not only grown in size and production, but has also become a cultural experience for visitors far and wide. The Dourakis family now produces 17 varietals, mainly from grapes that are indigenous to Crete, but also from international varieties.

Andreas Dourakis’ vision did indeed become a reality – from the one room shop where he produced a few cases of wine to the winery that now welcomes thousands of guests, offers culinary lessons, hosts art exhibitions and book presentations, organizes concerts, and invites everyone to enjoy the magic of the winery for all of their personal celebrations, from weddings, christenings, and birthdays.

Please join us and indulge on a cultural experience at our family run winery, to taste the richness of the Cretan earth in our wines, snack on local traditional foods, and listen to the peaceful sound of the village Alikampos on our terrace or inside our tasting room and museum.


The microclimate of Crete and the altitude of 450 meters from the sea are ideal for the cultivation of white native varieties, such as Vidiano, Vilana and Malvasia Aromatica di Candia, offering wines with moderate acidity and other variegated aromas.
Thirteen hours! This is just enough to extract the color and aroma that will fill the room when opening a Dourakis rose bottle! Light color, strong aromas and sharp acidity.
Local varieties, such as Mandilari and Kotsifali, as well as international, mainly French varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah and Grenache Rouge, are the red arsenal of the Winery, rich, well-structured and elegant after-taste wines.
When the Chania variety Romeiko meets the sun of Crete, then “Euphoria” invites you to a frantic journey of color, aroma and taste. Rich body with a unique balance of acidity and sweetness, with a long lasting aftertaste that is hardly forgotten.

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Our team

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I work at the Dourakis Winery as a receptionist since 2010, welcoming all visitors and friends. At the same time, I am the indispensable executive assistant of the boss, Andreas Dourakis, and take over different tasks at the winery and in the vineyard as I never take my eyes off him. During the harvest season, I stay awake during the nights, helping the youngest winemaker, Antonis. My favourite activity is to ride the motorbike and go to the vineyards.
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Events' Manager
I would describe myself as ambitious, hardworking person, with a big smile on my face. Since 2016, I organise a wide range of events at the winery. During your visit, you can look for me at the Folklore Museum where you can enjoy a wine tasting and a demonstration of the Winery’s facilities based on your needs.
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Security Service
Zachos, a.k.a. the bodyguard of the Dourakis Winery. Since 2007, I offer my service as a constant keeper ensuring the proper functioning of the winery with my shrill bark. My favourite time of the day is when playing with my colleague Emma in the garden.
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Cuddle Man
Cuddling is definitely my middle name. I am part of the Dourakis team since 2006, when I was warmly welcome in the family. During your visit at the Winery and while you’re enjoying our wine, I will make the best so I’ll find myself in your arms in half a shake and receive as many cuddles and petting as possible. My favourite time of the day is lunch and dinner time, with my friend Betty.

This is GEM of a place. GREAT wines. It's a shame that we cannot Douraki's wine in the U.S. We stumble upon this winery and what an experience we had. The owner came out and said hello. The son who runs the winery sat with us and chatted. Sofia, who was doing the tasting was FABULOUS. We will never forget our experience at Douraki Wineries. Highly recommended.

GREAT Cretan Wines

Popped in following a day trip on the off chance of finding some better Cretian wine. Our family was made to feel very welcome and our children were well entertained by the owner stacking wine corks! We tasted 6 wines and bought 4 - thoroughly impressed. Had we more time on our holiday, we would definitely have booked to come back for lunch.

A great find

Thank you very much for making this into a very fine memory for all of us, A very interesting tour Very good food Fantastic wine's And special thanks to our guide!

Suscipit Metus

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+30 28250 51761

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