Our story

In the Kefalas region, in the eastern of Chania County, Andreas Dourakis decided to create the infrastructure for a winery. He was inspired by his intense childhood memories. It was the spring of 1988 when he opened the doors of his first winery, located in Alikampos village. He established his business after being full of knowledge regarding wine production from his studies in Germany. Moreover, he was full of experience having worked in several wineries in Greece and abroad. A few years later, the winery was relocated in its current location. There were two main factors for choosing the specific location to build the winery and the planting the vineyards. The first was the natural beauty of the greater Alikampos area along with the rocky terrain, which offers natural cellars to store and age the wines. The other factor was the unique microclimate of the White Mountains.
In this environment of outstanding natural beauty, the Dourakis family produces wines inspired by the Cretan land and its local varieties and hosts thousands of visitors all year round from all over the world.
Come and get to know the winery up close and indulge in the magic of the mountainous Apokoronas. Enjoy an intoxicating stroll in the botanical garden, at the ancient winepress and the verdant alley and visit the production, bottling and aging facilities.
Taste the richness of the wines in the specially designed room and don’t miss out on the folklore museum and the art gallery.
Culinary lessons, art exhibitions, and book presentations, artistic events, and concerts, weddings, christenings and birthdays are just a few of the activities hosted in the winery.

Our philosophy

The Dourakis family ethos and proud tradition is characterised by knowledge, skills and extensive experience in winemaking. The family winery prides itself in creating products of high quality using scientific care and respect of traditional methods.

In the last 28 years the winery has created a trusted reputation for developing quality wines and is proud to have a solid, increasingly growing, distribution network across Crete. The concentration on quality and care during the vinification process and the love of traditional Cretan grape varieties, as well as international grape varieties, in wine production has resulted in popularity and sales both at home and abroad.

The company activities are not restricted to the domestic market, with recent expansions in export to Europe and America. Dourakis Winery aims to expand its sales network in the forthcoming years both nationally and internationally.

We are synonomous with consistent concern for high quality wines and our exemplary marketing system and customer service.

Dourakis family winery endeavours to use the methods of technological progress and agricultural science in order to provide the highest quality to our customers. The winery is certified by I.S.O 22000, with our organic cultivation for the organic wines monitored by Δ.Η.Ω.


Lihnos White



Silver Medal in PAR Greek Wine Award 2013


Commended in DECANTER Awards 2014


Top Gold Medal in PAR Greek Wine Award 2016


Gold Medal in the International Wine & Spirits Competition of Thessaloniki 2018




Silver medal in DECANTER Awards 2013


Silver medal in DECANTER Awards2014


Commended medal in DECANTER Awards 2015

Kudos Malvasia Aromatica



Silver Medal in PAR Greek Wine Award 2015


Gold Medal in PAR Greek Wine Award 2016

Kudos Grenache Rouge



Gold Medal in PAR Greek Wine Award 2016

Lihnos Red



Bronze Medal in the International Wine & Spirits Competition of Thessaloniki 2018

Our team

<?php echo Emma


I work at the Dourakis Winery as a receptionist since 2010, welcoming all visitors and friends. At the same time, I am the indispensable executive assistant of the boss, Andreas Dourakis, and take over different tasks at the winery and in the vineyard as I never take my eyes off him. During the harvest season, I stay awake during the nights, helping the youngest winemaker, Antonis. My favourite activity is to ride the motorbike and go to the vineyards.
<?php echo Zoe


Events' Manager
I would describe myself as ambitious, hardworking person, with a big smile on my face. Since 2016, I organise a wide range of events at the winery. During your visit, you can look for me at the Folklore Museum where you can enjoy a wine tasting and a demonstration of the Winery’s facilities based on your needs.
<?php echo Zachos


Security Service
Zachos, a.k.a. the bodyguard of the Dourakis Winery. Since 2007, I offer my service as a constant keeper ensuring the proper functioning of the winery with my shrill bark. My favourite time of the day is when playing with my colleague Emma in the garden.
<?php echo Phrixos


Cuddle Man
Cuddling is definitely my middle name. I am part of the Dourakis team since 2006, when I was warmly welcome in the family. During your visit at the Winery and while you’re enjoying our wine, I will make the best so I’ll find myself in your arms in half a shake and receive as many cuddles and petting as possible. My favourite time of the day is lunch and dinner time, with my friend Betty.
<?php echo Antonis


Now you see me, now you don’t! If I am not at the cellar, I will be at the vineyards, or maybe at the wine tasting lounge, or meeting customers and suppliers..! The phone never stops ringing but I do keep smiling since I always have my favorite team member with me..Zoe!
<?php echo Evie


Creativity at its finest.. after the first cup of coffee! Always, in front of a computer screen, working on our website, events, social media, bookings... Unfortunately, I still haven’t found the way to make a day last for 48 hours instead of 24!
<?php echo ALEXIA


Office Administration
The newest member of the Dourakis team! My role is in organizing the office activities and responding to customer queries. I will be answering all of your calls! I am an active, joyful person and enjoy starting my working day being welcomed by the canine team members Emma, Zachos and Zoe.
<?php echo KONSTANTINA


Wine Tasting Hostess
You will find me at the wine lounge waiting for you to taste our delicious products! Together, we explore the hidden secrets of wine, discover the aromas and taste favorite Cretan grape varieties. Favorite moment of the day is the smile I get from people who find their favorite wine among many!
<?php echo Dimitris


Wine Tasting Host
A blend of positive energy and restless spirit. Always ready to guide our visitors through the winery and discover together the route of the grapes from the vineyards to their glass of wine.
<?php echo ANDREAS


Production Manager
You will find me at the winery daily! I will be either at the cellar, the tanks area or at the production line. The place where it all begins! Favorite moment ever the direct from the barrel tasting! When I get to taste what I helped create!
<?php echo Nektarios


I deliver your orders almost in time! I am always in the best mood and with a big smile on my face. During the harvest season you will also find me in the vineyards helping out! Favorite time of the day is when I get back home in the afternoon to see my baby girl!
Dourakis Winery