The whole universe in a glass of wine

60.00 2 hours

With amateur astronomer and a member of the Crete Astronomers Friends Club, Christos Sotiropoulos we travel back in time to the Mythology of the constellations that are connected to the wine. From Dionysos to Ikarion and Stafylos, we weave with the thread of mythology the constellations of the summer sky. Weather permitting we will observe planets like bright red Mars, Saturn – the lord of the rings and other beautiful treasures of the night sky through a powerful telescope.
The price includes a glass of wine and a mini snack.

  Maximum number of attendees: 3-50 people
  All year round, after reservation
  120 minutes
  60€ per adult and 30€ per child under 18 years old
  The price does not include transfer to and from the winery