The top 5 after-wedding party ideas

T h e t o p 5 a f t e r - w e d d i n g p a r t y i d e a s


If you have ever been on a destination wedding in a beautiful place together with your  loved ones, you know that you want to hold on to this feeling of having the most amazing  time without a care in this world, for as much as possible!

We are here to tell you how easy it is to extend the fun to the next day too!

Going to the beach especially if your destination is a summer paradise, is always a safe choice but how about doing something out of the ordinary? Here are the top 5 ideas for a  fun, laid-back evening, after your big event:

1. Wine tasting & food pairing 

Following a fully emotional wedding day, -when you have probably partied too much- it is a good  idea to enjoy a relaxing activity together with your loved ones. If you are a group of “bon viveurs” ,  try booking our winery for an afternoon private tour! You can combine the wine tasting with  traditional finger food or even an early dinner, where you can all relax, enjoy the local cuisine and  chat about the highlights and gossips of the day before. Wine, food and friends. The best  combination ever!


2. Wedding photos & videos viewing 

Talking about highlights, how great would it be if you could gather with your friends the day right  after the wedding and share all the photos, videos and stories while they still are fresh in memory?  You could get a big screen or a projector, available for anyone to plug in their device and share the  moments captured! Pair it with some wine and the result cannot be other than good laughs,  emotional moments and more happy memories for you to take back home.

3. Movie night under the stars 

Picture this: a sweet summer evening, huge pillows on the floor, cozy blankets, fairy lights, buttery  popcorn, your favourite rosé and your favourite people. (I know I already want to be there!) Chose  that movie that brings back sweet childhood memories, or the one that resembles your love story.  Or even the one that always cracks you up! You and your guests will certainly enjoy a peaceful  evening where you can all be together and at the same time sit back and relax.

4. Game night 

If you still have some energy left and you really want the party to go on, go for a Game Night!  Bring together all the guests that are into it, separate them into groups, set a prize (like a box of  your favourite wine) and organise different games and competitions that will skyrocket the already  good mood! From Trivial and Who Knows the Couple Best game, to Charades and Pictionary, this  is a no-fail recipe to keep the party going in a more interactive and joyful way.

5. Cooking Lesson 

Having your wedding in a destination other than the country you live in, besides the beauty of the  place, you probably, on some level, love its cuisine as well. Love goes through the stomach after  all, right? The day after your wedding might be a great opportunity for you to share this love with  your guests. Book a cooking lesson in a private peaceful place and have your guests learn how to  make simple traditional delicacies! The professionals who organise these type of events can  provide all the equipment needed and are usually experts on turning their lessons into once-in-a lifetime experiences!

Our advice? Don’t hesitate to think out of the box for your party! It is actually way easier to do any  of the above than you can imagine! We know, because we can organise it all in our winery as well! So we say: go for it!

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