E x p e r i e n c e s


Time to Treat Yourself

Dourakis Winery offers something for everyone visiting. Guests can enjoy a wine tasting in a serene setting; traditional food made in our restaurant from the highest quality ingredients; an evening of astronomy, mythology, and wine; or a celebration of life’s most precious moments. 


Our winery opens its doors for tours starting in May. Our winehosts will guide you through our cellars and production area while telling some of our winemaking secrets. Daily tours start promptly at 12:00 and 14:00.


T h e w h o l e U n i v e r s e i n a g l a s s o f w i n e

70,00 € per person

Travel to the stars of Greek Mythology with Christos Sotiropoulos, a member of the Crete Astronomers Friends Club. Through a powerful telescope, observe the constellations that are connected to wine from Dionysos to Ikarion and Stafylos. We weave the thread of mythology through the constellations in the summer sky. Weather permitting, we will also observe the red planet, Mars, and the lord of the rings, Saturn.   

C o o k i n g C l a s s

100,00 € per person

Learn new culinary skills and discover traditional flavors during a cooking class at our winery with wine pairing. Ms. Georgia is waiting for you with her apron on in our kitchen to teach you patiently and lovingly how to make several Cretan delicacies like Sfakiani pita, moustalveria, and Chaniotiko boureki. Email us for more details and availability. 

D e s t i n a t i o n W e d d i n g s

“…She opens her eyes, eager to absorb every little detail of the magnificent surroundings… The wonderful rustic garden, the glorious Cretan mountains, the aromatic wildflowers in her hands…

She walks down the aisle, glowing in her bridal gown, hugged by the bright green colours of the winery. The Greek sun, the Cretan nature and the winery’s peaceful vibe are just the right ingredients to complete her happiness and celebrate love…”

Have the wedding of your dreams. Celebrate love your way at our winery for a romantic and unforgettable experience!