Apus Romeiko

Born Red, Matured to White..Under the Cretan Starry Sky. Romeiko (Greek: Ρωμαίικο or Ρωμέικο) is a red grape variety indigenous to Chania. Its name derives from the term Romios that is used to refer to modern Greeks. Pale lemon color and intense aromas of white peach, lemon, pear and white flowers. Delicate taste, medium body and balanced acidity with a long aftertaste. Apus is a small constellation in the southern sky. It represents a bird-of-paradise, and its name means “without feet” in Greek because the bird-of-paradise was once wrongly believed to lack feet. First depicted on a celestial globe by Petrus Plancius in 1598.
Harvest Date: September
Fermentation: 8 Days
Aging: 6 months in stainless steel
Wine Composition: 100% Romeiko
Bottles Produced: 2,600
pH: 3.42
Alcohol: 12.3
Acid: 4.8 g/L
Residual Sugar: 1.8 g/L