listed us as a winery to visit in Crete

V i n j o u r n a l e n . s e l i s t e d u s a s a w i n e r y t o v i s i t i n C r e t e


We have a new priority! #WineTourism

This year we have decided to be adventurous.
2020 was the beginning of a partnership with the project

We are excited to have been
designated to join a selected group of wineries from all over the world in order to promote our enotourism and
introduce our products. More than a simple posting, we will have our proper article in the famous Swedish wine
magazine titled Greklands Sydliga Vinregioner.

This magazine advises its readers on their
purchases, visits and informs them about current events.
After the listing our winery, Dourakis Winery, the company also created a page to introduce what visitors can
experience during the tour of our winery. You can find any information you want about us on this experience
page.Wine Tasting And Tour At Dourakis Winery

Moreover, you can now book some activities in! Are you interested in wine tasting? Or the
history of our region and our land? Or even our winemaking know-how?
So, come to visit our web portal and get to know us. You will love the way we work, and it will be a pleasure to
welcome you to our beautiful place of production of our favorite drink, wine.
Take part in our adventure with us, we are waiting for you!

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