Meeting with the stars -A unique experience in Dourakis Winery

M e e t i n g w i t h t h e s t a r s - A u n i q u e e x p e r i e n c e i n D o u r a k i s W i n e r y


When we say stars, don’t think of the movies or any red carpets. Think of the planets and the
darkness of the Universe…

Planet Earth used to be considered the centre of the Universe for many centuries. -I say, typical
human behaviour, believing we are the centre of everything. Definitely not the case. It is nowadays
believed that there is no centre or edge of the Universe, so how can we be in the middle of it? Did
you know that our sun is actually “one of a billion of stars in one of a billion of galaxies in the
universe travelling at mind-blowing speeds”?

Now you will tell me, I am showing off. Maybe a little bit. But these are definitely not my words.
These are things that I learned during one of the most unexpectedly fascinating birthday parties I
have ever attended!

Our dear friend Evie Douraki decided to celebrate her birthday in a very different way this year.
She shared with us one of her favourite experiences: stargazing with amazing wine in hand! She
invited Mr Christos Sotiropoulos, an amateur astronomer -as he calls him self- and multi-talented
man, to talk about the stars, explain some common misunderstandings concerning the Universe
and also discuss the connection between stars and wine.

Dourakis wines were of course abundant during the whole evening. Following the interesting and
informative presentation adapted to Evie’s birthday, we proceeded, wine in hand, to a darker area
of the Dourakis winery. We stayed more than twenty minutes in the dark, to get our eyes adapted.
No cellphones, no light, just us people, the stars, and some wine.

It was then that I realised how valuable it is to just stop and do nothing and be in the moment.
Without checking my Instagram account or my emails. Only existing and fully understanding my
surroundings, despite the darkness. Ok and sipping on my Dourakis rosé. 😉 Even those 20
minutes added to the overall experience!

And then it was time to look through the elaborate telescope. How anything can be so far away
and yet so close? How small are we in front of the magnitude of the whole Universe? I was invited
to a party and then I found myself wondering about the importance of existence! Was it the
darkness and the stars combined with a few sips of Dourakis Grenache Rouge that sent me into
these philosophical thoughts? Who knows. This was definitely an out-of-the-box birthday
celebration! 🙂




Enough with my existential questions. Here are some fun facts about the stars that you probably
don’t know (I certainly didn’t):
• The 11th constellation of the zodiac circle represents Ganimides, the wine server of the ancient
Greek gods.
• There is a 13th constellation between Scorpio and Sagittarius called Ophiuchus (Serpent
• It is commonly known that the sun is necessary for life on Earth. What is less known, is that the
moon plays a significant role as well.
• You can actually gift a star to your loved one! You can even officially name it after them and
register it on the Global Star Registry!
• What we consider “falling stars” are actually space trash entering the atmosphere!



Well, despite realising I have been wishing upon trash for way too many years, I left this party so
full of positive energy, beautiful images and new thoughts!Many thanks to Mr Sotiropoulos for this experience and all the information he happily shared with



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Special thanks to Andreas Markakis for the beautiful pictures!

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